I’m a weirdo

What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.

Best song ever:

Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate

I am permanently lightheaded now.

Crap! This song has plus one million happiness units! How will I ever get back to a normal state of vague dissatisfaction and ennui?


Just when I thought my bowl of euphoria was filled, this came along:

And well, I guess now I have no choice than to provide this woman with a child. A terrifying child, with two mothers, who will destroy all obstacles in its path. I hope you’re satisfied now.

I <3 Electro-Swing

Okay, maybe it’s just a crush. Anyhow, not that many decent vids out there that I can find. These are not necessarily my favourite songs, yo. THEY HAVE VISUAL APPEAL.

Caravan Palace, “Suzy.” Classic girl-meets-robot story.

Some dude crimin’ in a wood-paneled basement to Parov Stelar’s “Catgroove.” I love this so much.

Now he has a cane. Please kill me now. (More Parov Stelar, “Chambermaid Swing.)

what you get

A song lyric. Aw, whatever.

These guys will have all my future babies:


Their sexiest song ever:

This entire band is made of sex:

Haha, too late—I have dibs on everyone.

My favourite, but NOT IN THIS TINY ROOM


I <3 Bustah

rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore

tornado no-no

more more more

woo hah

absence of government

trapped in weird music loop

only way out is to blog

So. I was listening to a Midori CD and wishing you could still find live Midori on YouTube. Which of course you cannot, except for the five-second one where she tells everyone watching at home to go see them live. I would, only I am not in Japan.

Here is an excellent song by them that would be ten thousand times better if you could see them playing it:

For some reason, finding that led to this eX-Girl video, and this terrifying new world confuses me:

I needed more eX-Girl, and I was rewarded by angelic singing recorded with low-fidelity equipment.

Then there was this thing where they were all leaping around in their socks and holding stuffed animals:

Here is another one of those videos that’s not really so much a video as a low-fi audio track. Also, it’s Ex-Models, not eX-Girl. But it used to be on my phone. No one knows why.

Oh wait, now I remember. It’s because it’s rhythmically challenging and N should listen to it as often as possible, for purposes of exercise.

Back to eX-Girl, because they COVERED THIS SONG:

And I finally escape, even though these people are totally emphasising the wrong syllable of Fujiya.

(On reflection, there should be no emphasis at all, and maybe there isn’t. I hear one, but possibly it’s only in my mind.)

Lee Elia Day

I’m a few minutes late, but at my local it was Lee Elia Day tonight, due to this sweary, sweary, wonderful rant by the Cubs manager: