Hello hello

What She Listened To

Have You Never Been Mellow (Feederz)

Black Acres (Elysian Fields)

Mothra (Feederz)

We Had Love (Scientists)

Woman to Woman (Thea Monyee)

Last Chance Texaco (Rickie Lee Jones)

Crying Cowboy (Izzy Cox)

Motherfucker (Folk Uke)

? (Slim and Slam) [best video ever]

Jizz in My Pants (The Lonely Island)

Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros (Flight of the Conchords) [danger: no liquid intake]

Seeräuber Jenny (Young Gods and Lausanne Sinfonietta) [thanks, J!]

Current Favourite Pic


Now Reading

Shaftoe opens his eyes just as the tarp is being peeled back from the open top of the truck. He stares straight up into the blue Italian sky torn around the edges by the scrabbling branches of desperate trees. “Shit!” he says.


“What’s wrong, Sarge?”


“I just always say that when I wake up,” Shaftoe says.


Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson)

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